Fitting in Fast Food Favorites

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There’s no doubt that a meal of a burger, fries and a soft drink tastes great. It’s fun to stop at your favorite fast food place with your family. Here are some ways to eat fast food and be healthy too:

  • Be Size Wise
    Eating the supersize portions can slow us down and give us more calories than we need. To be size wise, order a smaller burger, fries and drink. Or split the meal with someone else.
  • Balance It Out
    If lunch is a big meal, work in a family walk or another favorite activity and go light with soup and salad for dinner.
  • Pull A Switch
    Instead of the usual burger and fries, try something like grilled chicken and a side salad or entree salad. Try the yogurt parfait or baked potato.
  • Think About The Drink
    Water is the best choice. You can also order milk or 100% juice at most places.