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Picture of a brown egg being cracked into a bowl.

Facts About Cooking Eggs

Omelets, hard boiled, scrambled, and poached are some of the many ways we cook our eggs. Eggs are naturally …

Flier for the Agricultural Technology Series

Agricultural Technology Series!

In this series, you will be virtually visiting two local operations to see how they use technology! We will hear …

Photo of watermelon slices on a green plate.

Watermelon or Pizza?

Today, August 3rd, is National Watermelon Day! Most of us enjoy biting into a juicy, cool piece of watermelon. …

Photo of an Asian long-horned beetle

Asian Long-Horned Beetle Alert

The Asian long-horned beetle (ALB) was discovered first in New York in 1996. Since this time, this destructive wood-boring …

Family eating a meal at the kitchen table

Family Meals - Fast and Healthful

Here are some tips for making fast and healthy meals: Cook once for everyone. Does your child like plain vegetables, …

Bowl of almonds.

Easy Healthy Snacks

During the day, whether we are at work or home, we often stop to snack on something before our …

Flyer for the 4-H Virtual Painting program

4-H Virtual Painting

Does your child like to be creative? Surry County 4-H is looking for youth ages 8-18 years old to …

Chopped celery, onions, and carrots in white bowls.

Tips for Cooking Vegetables

There is nothing more enjoyable than having vegetables from your own garden. Nothing compares to the fresh, juicy flavors …

Strong, Healthy Nails and Hair

Many women spend hundreds of dollars on different products trying to achieve strong, healthy nails and hair. Although some …

Photo of blossom-end rot on a tomato.

Tomato Blossom-End Rot

New and experienced gardeners find challenges with growing tomatoes, especially here in the South. The high humidity we experience …

Photo of turmeric spice in a teaspoon measuring spoon.

How to Measure Ingredients

The three basic tools used to measure ingredients are: Measuring spoons Dry measuring cups Liquid measuring cups The key to successful cooking and …

Photo of a tomatoes on a vine.

Tasty Tomatoes

The fresh taste of tomatoes, just off the vine and still warm from the sun…what a delicious summer flavor. …