Easy Healthy Snacks

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During the day, whether we are at work or home, we often stop to snack on something before our meals. This could be a good practice, since it gives us the opportunity to give our body a little extra energy until our next meal. Also, it could help us reach our servings of fruit and vegetables for the day. However, it could also be a bad practice, since it could add many extra calories and little nourishment if we are not careful with what we choose.

When you are reaching for a snack, which is your favorite? Do you tend to reach for something sweet such as a candy bar, cookies or soda? Or do you prefer something salty such as potato chips or pretzels? Often times, these are some of the things offered at a vending machine. However, are they satisfying and nutritious? Will they give you the extra energy you need or are looking for?

A couple of things we need to keep in mind before we reach for our next snack are as follows:

  • Include them in our meal planning and grocery list. (Helps us avoid vending machines and save money).
  • Have them measured and packed in Ziploc snack bags or containers. (Easy to take and helps with portion control).
  • Avoid buying previously packaged snacks. Package yourself and save money.
  • Good food safety practices. (Cut fruit and veggies need to be kept cold).

The following are some of my favorite simple snacks:

  • Kale chips
  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Almonds or mixed nuts
  • Piece of fruit
  • Low fat cheese with whole grain crackers
  • Low fat yogurt with fruit
  • Baby carrots or another veggie with hummus