4-H Presentations

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4-H'er giving a presentation

Photo by Ken Martin

Why participate in 4-H presentations?

4-H presentations can help youth gain confidence in their public speaking skills while they explore an area of their choice. With over 30 presentation categories, there are endless topic possibilities! This helps youth to extend their knowledge of a subject area as they put together and deliver a presentation. Public speaking is not only a valuable skill for school, it is something youth can take with them into a future career as well. Besides learning public speaking, other life skills like planning, organizing, self-esteem, and goal setting can be developed through this opportunity. 4-H presentations this year will be done virtually, which could help youth who are apprehensive about speaking in front of an audience, gain practice without the added nerves. Presentations will be submitted at the county level virtually; the deadline is Monday, May 10, 2021, by 5 p.m. Presentations will need to be recorded in one take (no editing of the videos), be in .mp4 or .mov format, and less than 10 GB. Presentation materials can be displayed creatively and youth are able to send in a copy of their PowerPoint slides or pictures of their posters. These will be judged to determine what presentations will move on to the district competition. All 4-H’ers ages 5-18 are eligible to participate. For more information, contact Bailey McGill or see Presentations

4-H Presentations Quick Factsheet

2021 4-H Presentation Guidelines

Helpful Hints for 4-H Presentation Videos