Snack Attack

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Snacks are a great way to boost kids’ energy levels and keep them feeling great. Active kids really need to refuel about every three hours. Pick foods from two or three of the MyPlate food groups, but not so much that they are stuffed for dinner.

You’re on the go getting from one place to the next and they’re hungry! Of course you stop at a convenience store – it’s convenient! But what do you and the kids choose for a quick snack? Check out the list below for healthier options for quick snacks at the convenience store.

  • Individual package of pretzels or whole wheat crackers
  • Small bag of peanuts
  • String cheese or cheese sticks
  • Fruit juice (100% juice)
  • Low-fat chocolate milk
  • Cereal bar or granola bar
  • Banana, apple or orange
  • Individual package of fig bars
  • Small package of sunflower seeds
  • Frozen yogurt or juice bar