The Value of Family Time

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Family time helps to create strong bonds, love, connections, and relationships among the family. Spending quality time together with family helps members cope with challenges, instills a feeling of security, inculcates family values, and helps children feel loved. The key to spending positive family time together that will enhance positive relationships, is to give your full attention. Don’t schedule family time if your mind has to be elsewhere.

Here are some suggestions to encourage family time:

  • Get outside – go hiking, take a picnic, fly a kite
  • Homework – Sit down with children and assist with their homework, be sure to not provide the answers for them.
  • Play board games – place an emphasis on sportsmanship and fun
  • Sports – Watch or play sports together. (basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.)

The role of the family can have a significant impact on emotional and behavioral issues in children. A number of studies have recommended spending quality time with children as the first step to raising happy children who will make a positive contribution to society.