Active Living for Families

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Active living helps your family enjoy life! Moving more boosts energy, promotes sound sleep, and it’s a lifelong way for you and your child to stay healthy and keep a healthy weight. In fact, active living lowers the chances of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease for you and your child.

How can you raise and active child?

  • Get moving yourself! Children often “inherit” their family’s lifestyle. If you do active things, chance are your child will too. Adults set the tone for active living in the family.
  • Fit activity in your family life. You don’t need to spend extra money, or even get involved in sports. You can all be active just by doing everyday things.
  • Do more than watch. Play! Let yourself feel young enough to play, especially with your child. Playing is okay at any age! If you forget how, your child can show you. Your involvement and enthusiasm support your child’s play.
  • Set limits on TV and computer time for the whole family. That leaves more time for active play.
  • Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.