Do You Know the Facts?

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Most of us have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of Nutrition Facts labels on the products we buy. However, how many of us have taken the time to really read it or understand it?

As much as I have studied it, there always seems to be something more I can learn or something I forgot. Recently, I found and online tool from the FDA called the “Interactive Nutrition Facts Label”. It allows you to click on each part of the label and it will give you many interesting details. For example, if you click on Trans Fat, it will explain:

  • Where It Is
  • Where It Is Found
  • What It Does
  • Health Facts
  • Action Steps for Monitoring Trans Fat in Your Diet

I recommend you try this tool out for yourself. You might not be able to remember all of this information at once. However, you can start on the top of the label and work down a little at a time. Soon you will be able to make informed and better choices for the health and benefit of your family.

The Nutrition Facts label is not the only label on products. We also see and Ingredients List. I will share a few reminders about this next Tuesday!