Celebrate Salad Month – More Than Rabbit Food

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to pull a complete meal out of the refrigerator? With a little planning, this dream can become a reality. Try a salad meal. Anyone who believes salads are only made with iceberg lettuce just does not know what they are missing. Salad possibilities are endless. Salads can be the main dish, side dishes and desserts. Use the MyPlate guidelines to ensure you have enough variety to cover all of the food groups.

Think about preparing some salads utilizing vegetables and fruits. These should cover about one half of the plate. One fourth of the plate needs protein. This could include lean meats and poultry or dried beans. Try a hot chicken salad or a bean salad. The other fourth will be filled with a grain salad. Options may include a pasta salad, or a salad with quinoa, brown rice or barley.

Even if you decide to not make a complete meal of salads, you can use a couple to compliment a simple sandwich or piece of grilled chicken. Remember recipes are just guides. Salads are flexible enough for you to add or subtract ingredients to suit your family’s taste preferences. Be creative and utilize salads to make your life more convenient. Having the majority of the clean-up already completed before the meal begins is another plus. The concept works well when having company or if you need to make food ahead so it will be ready to eat when you are.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension’s Med Instead of Meds website has some delicious salad and salad dressing recipes. Celebrate Salad Month today and enjoy salad for good health and great flavor while utilizing fresh produce.