Surry County Junior Beekeepers Certified

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Five outstanding youth recently completed the Surry County Junior Beekeepers Certification program on March 26. The program began with local youth who had an interest in beekeeping. They attended ten hours of intensive training. At the end of the course, the youth had to demonstrate their beekeeping knowledge by passing a written exam and hands-on practicum.

These youth demonstrated they were capable of lighting a smoker and keeping it lit, identifying parts of a bee hive, bee’s anatomy, bee social structure, personal protective equipment (and how to use it), etc. They were an extraordinary group of youngsters. The program was hosted by Surry County Beekeepers Association and N.C. Cooperative Extension.

On April 9, Andrew Villiers, Kylee Seats, Jadaris Harper, and Saverio Lennon were awarded their “Junior Beekeeper” certificates by the Surry County Beekeepers Association. Bryson Helton was unable to attend. Congratulations on a job well done!